Friday, July 11, 2008

Liga Gulbe - Guide Riga Region & Latvia


Old Riga, Art Nouveau in Old Riga and in the Center, Pardaugava, Open-Air Museum, Sigulda, Turaida, Krimulda. Familiar with Jurmala, Cesis, Bauska, Mezotne, Rundale.

Approach: I believe a good tour guide knows how to show around the city so that tourists can remember the details vividly. Stories and legends about various buildings, places, and people always help to imagine the atmosphere of the particular times of history.

Experience: I have done various kinds of art work including painting, drawing, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. In high school I was taught History of Riga (it was for the first time that such a subject was taught in any of the high schools in late 1980s). My interest in art history and in history of Latvia has remained strong ever since. I have travelled throughout Europe, having been as far north as to Iceland, west – Portugal, south – Rome, but my interest in religion brought me to the United States where I studied for 4 years.

Presently, besides working as a tour guide, I also teach English at Luther’s Academy. I have worked as a teacher for 9 years and enjoy it as much as guiding because I love communicating with people and helping them to learn new things.

Education: University of Latvia, B. A. degree in English Philology. Spalding University (Louisville, KY), M. A. degree in Religious studie

Hobbies, interests: art, photography, film, theater, literature, folk music.



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